Tuesday, 10 July 2012

4/7/12 Dental work requirements before braces

Well well well i had to wait 9 weeks before my dentist received the letter with instructions of what dental work was to be done from my orthodontist. I did speak to the orthodontists receptionist at one point to see if the letter had been sent and she said they were a month behind on paperwork so this explains it. Nevermind he got the letter in the end and i went straight in on Wednesday 27th June to get x-rays done on my teeth. It showed i needed four very small fillings on my back molars. I had to have two seperate appointments half an hour long to get two fillings done each time. I got the first lot done on Wednesday 4th July and just had the second lot done on Monday 9th July, yes I'm keen to get them sorted! And yes i am now officially skint, £60 a go for white fillings these days eek! So now I've had my dental work sorted i am just waiting to receive my next orthodontist appointment in the post. Please arrive sooon!!! :D

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