Tuesday, 10 July 2012

2/5/12 Appointment with orthodontists & surgeons

Well yes i knew it didn't i, i waited another 2 months for my next appoinment! :p

This appointment was at a different hospital, not my local hospital where i had been going but one that was just about 20 minutes drive away. I think this is just because they only do the 'Joint surgical clinics' in one place. Anyway i didn't mind, i was excited to get there! I found the hospital and got directed to the area i needed to be then sat down and waited to be called. I was looking around the room wondering if there were any other jaw surgery patients there i could have a spy on hehe. Then i heard my name, the girl who came to get me warned me there would be lots of people in the room. When i went in jeez she wasnt kidding, there was about eight people!! I sat in a dentist chair and my orthodontist introduced me to everyone, yes everyone name by name..
'Ooh sorry i don't think i will be to remember all of your names!' i said hehe. Then they all had a look at my teeth, my bite, my jaw, my cross bite...studied the whole lot and my orthodontist asked me to explain to everyone what bothered me about my jaw. I told them and one man came up to have a close look at my teeth, he said sorry for looking so closely but he wanted to see how bad my cross bite was. He said that my bottom jaw was very far over to one side and when they do surgery they would move my jaw to make my teeth line up. I asked if my nose and chin would be in line and he said because my lower jaw is that far over he wasnt sure if when they moved it round that my nose and chin would be in line or just off. But he said if they cant get the nose and chin to line up when the teeth are in line then he could even do a seperate chin operation to sort my chin out. Eek eek eek i thought, i dont want that i just want my teeth sorted out :( Anyway i just want to let people know everything incase they are sitting worrying about any of these things involved with jaw surgery.

So near the end of the appointment i was told some dissapointing news.. I needed some dental work doing before i could go ahead and get my braces on. There were some very small cavities that showed up on my x-rays. I needed four fillings, i couldn't believe this, four fillings!! My orthodontist said she would write to my dentist to tell him to take some more x-rays of my teeth and get the fillings done. She also said she would send my next appointment out in the post which would be with her. I had written down all of my questions in a notepad ready to ask but my orthodontist said i could attend another 'joint surgical clinic' after i had my dental work done so they were more up to date and i thought i would just wait and ask my questions then.

So now to wait until my dentist receives the letter with instructions as to what dental work he needs to do...hope he gets the letter quickly! :s

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