Tuesday, 10 July 2012

First appointment with an orthodontist

After asking my dentist if I could be referred to an orthodontist I got an appointment sent in the post not too long later. This appointment with the orghodontist was 24/11/11. I went to the appointment and here I got photographs taken of my teeth from different angles. The orthodontist looked at my teeth, how they looked when they bite together and asked me what bothered me about my jaw. He then told me that I definitely had a jaw discrepancy. He said this could not be fixed with just braces, but that I would need surgery to fix my problem. He told me I had an underbite, open bite and a cross bite. The orthodontist asked me if I would ever consider jaw surgery. I said I would have to think about it and do some research but what sort of surgery would I need? He told me he thought I would need surgery on both top and bottom jaws but he would have to transfer me to a specialist orthodontist at the hospital for them to take a look. He said its up to the orthodontist at the hospital whether they think you have a problem big enough to qualify for surgery or not. This made me a little anxious as i thought
'Oh no i'm not going to qualify for surgery and there will be nothing i can do..'. I think your under bite has to be bad enough to allow you to get the surgery, if it's not too bad then they may not do the surgery. So the orthodontist asked which hospital I wanted to be transferred to and said he would send a letter to them. He said I should just wait to get a letter in the post from the hospital with an appointment date. So that was the first appointment with the first orthodontist. I left really excited as i thought this was the beginning of getting my jaw sorted out but nervous incase the hospital say they wouldnt do it...

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