Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The beginning...my jaw problems

Hello, my name is Toll and i am a 25 year old girl from England. I have known since i was a young girl that i had a problem with my jaw but i guess i was always too scared to think about braces and surgery. When i turned 18 i knew i didnt like the way my jaw looked but i just got on with it. Now that i am a bit older my jaw seems to have got worse, not just the way it looks but how my teeth function. After alot of research on the internet and weighing things up i have decided that surgery could be for the best and asked my dentist to transfer me to an orthodontist...

I have an under bite, an open bite and a cross bite. What this means is my lower jaw is too long therefore needs to be moved back. My teeth when biting together show quite a large gap between them where i can actually stick my tongue through and also my top and bottom teeth do not allign properly. When i bite down you can see that my lower jaw is actually further over to the right which means that my teeth do not line up properly. If you look closely you can even tell that my chin does not line up with my nose.

All of these factors add up to cause me problems. I cannot eat properly because there are only about two or three of my teeth that actually bite together. I wish i had a good bite so that i could eat more comfortably. The gap in between my front teeth means i find it hard to eat any foods like cucumber and tomato in a sandwich.. When i bite the sandwich i cut into the bread but the cucmber is left sticking out as i cant bite through it. This really has an affect on my confidence as i dont really like to eat infront of people. One food i absolutely love and struggle with is spaghetti pasta. I just cannot seem to chew it up propperly...it takes an age! These are just a couple of examples of my chewing/biting problems.

Although my jaw affects my abiliity to eat i do have other reasons why my jaw bothers me. I dont really like the way my jaw makes me look. I feel as though my jaw is really long and not very feminine looking. I cant wear my hair up as i feel my jaw is on show! The way my chin and nose don't line up due to my crossbite bothers me. My boyfriend says he can't really notice it so maybe thats just me because i know its there! I dont like getting photos taken because my teeth do not bite together when i smile and just don't look nice really. My teeth are not the straightest either which doesnt help. How nice it would be to have teeth that bite together!  

Well i dont want to yap on too long as this is my first post and i dont want to put people off! :p So there you have the information on my jaw problems and if anyone can relate or is at the beginning of this journey too then please message me, I'd love to hear from you :)

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