Tuesday, 10 July 2012

17/1/12 First consultation with hospital orthodontist

Well my letter arrived in the post and my first with the orthodontist at the hospital was 17/1/12. Yes i know almost two months later than the appointment with the other orthodontist but it seems you have to wait a while to be seen by the nhs orthodontists, alot of patients to be seen i guess.
Anyway i was so excited but nervous for this appointment as i would get to find out if i qualified for surgery or not...
When i went in the room i was shocked to find there were about three other patients in the same room as me but each part partitioned off with freestanding boards. So be aware if you get this done on the nhs you may not be in a private room just you and the orthodontist. I didnt mind it anyway, i sat in a dentist chair and waited to meet my orthodontist. Once she arrived she asked if she could look at my teeth and then asked me what bothered me about my teeth/jaw. I told her what i didnt like and she made a note of it. She then carried on inspecting my teeth and got a ruler out. I guess this was to measure my under bite and maybe how far over my bottom teeth were in comparison to my top teeth (cross bite). She then said that i definitley had a jaw discrepency and that i actually had a significant 'Class III malocclusion'. She said i would need upper and lower jaw surgery aswell as braces to correct this problem. I asked if i would be able to get this done and she said yes.
My first thoughts 'Wahheeyy i qualify!!' :)

I snapped out of my little floating air bubble and tried to remember all the questions that i had wanted to ask...(I would say write down any questions you may want to ask before you go to the appointment as when you are there you tend to forget them). I asked what would the process would be if i were to get this done, she said about 18 months to 2 years in braces and then surgery to move the lower jaw back and the upper jaw forward. She also said my crossbite would be corrected by moving my jaw round to bring my chin in line with my nose. I asked what the next step was and she said she would send me out another appointment in the post for me to come in and get my records and moulds done. I asked what would happen at that appointment and she said they would take moulds of my mouth and then they send me to the photographer to get lots of different pictures of my jaw and teeth.

At the end of the appointment the orthodontist said i could go and get my x-rays done now if i wanted so i said yes. I took a form from her and went and got some x-rays taken of my jaw, and that was that. A very excited girl left the hospital with a bounce in her step! :D

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