Tuesday, 10 July 2012

12/3/12 Records and moulds ortho appointment

Well i eventually got my next appointment in the post and it was for 12/3/12, yes almost two moths later eek! It's ok i'm getting used to the waiting! At this appointment i had my moulds done for lower and upper jaw by my orthodontist. All she did was get a plastic tool in the shape of your teeth (like a horse shoe shape), put some soft paste into it and pushed it up onto my teeth to take a mould of the top teeth. It was in my mouth for a few minutes just until the paste set and created a mould. She then did this with the bottom teeth aswell. It's not painful or anything, very simple. She had to use the smallest shaped tool for me as my tooth arches and very small, especially the top one, its quite narrow. I think there are three different sizes to fit different sized arches.

After that I took a form from the orthodontist and went on down to get photographs of my teeth and jaw done. The photographer got me to put two plastic spatulas in my mouth to pull my lips to the sides so he could photograph my teeth (lots of photographs btw, pulling your lips around- take lip balm!). I was in the for about ten minutes then that was that, nice n easy. Quite a quick appontment really, my orthodontist did give a dvd to take home though. This i found very useful, it was different people talking about their experiences with jaw surgery and not one of them regreted doing it. One girl did end up with some numbness in her chin which was permanent nerve damage but she said it didnt bother her and the jaw surgery was worth it. It's quite nice to see other people going through the same process and watching their end results, exciting stuff! One of the main reason's i wanted to do this is to help other people in the UK who may be looking into getting jaw surgery as i could never find many nhs patients so wasn't sure what to expect. Well hopefully i will help someone! :p

Oh and i asked what the next step was and the orthodontist said my next appointment would be for me to attend a 'joint surgical clinic' which is where i meet with my orthodontist and some other orthodontists and surgeons. Apparently there is going to be alot of them there all staring down my throat eek! Appointment will be in the post she says....please make it soon, i dont know if i can wait another 2 months!!! :p

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