Friday, 8 February 2013

Appointment with orthodontist and surgery to get 3 teeth pulled out!

So I received my next appointment in the post which was the 3rd of September. My orthodontist simply checked that the dental work had been carried out and that was pretty much it. I then attended another joint surgical clinic on the 5th September where I spoke with my orthodontist and surgeon. Here I asked any questions I could think to ask, I'd recommend taking in a list of the questions you wish to ask because when your in there, your likely to forget some of them :s

My surgeon is lovely, he's a very little man, I was wondering how he reaches the hospital bed to perform surgery hehe :p But he's such a lovely man, I'm really happy that he will be doing my surgery in 18 months - 2 years time because I feel I'm in safe hands! He said I will be so much better off once I have had the surgery, eating and everything will be so much better for me, yey!

One thing I did find out is that I had to get three teeth pulled out in preparation for my braces! Two molars needed pulled out on the bottom and one on the top. I got this done on the 18th October. I had two molars which both had root fillings and one molar which had a filling pulled out because the orthodontist and surgeon said because I'm young they wanted to get rid of the bad teeth and move the new healthy wisdom teeth forward with braces. This I thought was a great idea. The only down point is that bringing wisdom teeth forward with braces can make the whole process longer because apparently they take longer to move :s

I was put to sleep to get my teeth pulled out. The surgeon wanted me to be asleep because when you have root fillings and you get the teeth pulled out, they can crumble away inside and be difficult to remove, not nice if your awake getting this done eek! Unfortunately the surgeon had to cut out some of my bone when removing these two teeth due to them crumbling away being difficult ad he thought they would! This made the healing time a little longer for these two teeth but the third molar with the filling just popped right out and healed quicker than the other two.

It's not painful waiting for the holes to heal up as long as you take your pain medication for about 4-5 days after getting it done, that was me personally anyway, I guess some people may need meds less time or longer. I tried not to take my disolvables tablets after 2 days as I thought I'd be fine but I wouldn't advise it as I ended up getting an achy pain which wasn't too nice :(

Not being able to really eat was the biggest pain, just soup and soft food for a good two weeks. I couldn't brush my teeth for the first couple of days either, had to use warm salty water to clean my mouth out, yucky!

Anyway I figured all the soft food was a trial run for when I get my surgery, not great, meal times arnt too exciting but still I'm doing it for a good reason so it'll all be worth it!!!

My next appointment was to get braces but I'll put that in the next post!! :))

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